Solar-powered battery-based sprayers

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CSIR-CMERI developed two variants of battery-operated spray systems one for “Marginal Famers” and others for “small farmers”.


  • Backpack Sprayer, having a capacity of 5 liters, is made for “marginal farmers”, while the Compact Trolley Sprayer having a capacity of 10 liters, is made for “small farmers”.
  • These sprayers are equipped with two separate tanks, flow control and pressure regulator to handle different water requirements of the crops, target/site-specific irrigation, maintaining appropriate dilution of pesticide/fungicide to control the pest (on foliage, under the leaves, at the root zone, etc.), creating water-based micro-roughness of leaf surface, maintaining soil moisture levels in a narrow range, and weed control.
  • The systems function on Solar-Powered batteries, thus enabling its usage even in energy and power deprived agricultural regions of the Nation, thus reducing dependence on price volatile fossil fuels.
  • The sprayers are simple to develop, easy to learn and implement, therefore will help to overcome the water crisis faced by Indian farmers.



  • The Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI) is the apex R&D institute for mechanical engineering under the aegis of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).
  • Being the only national-level research institute in this field, CMERI’s mandate is to serve industry and develop mechanical engineering technology so that India’s dependence on foreign collaboration is substantially reduced in strategic and economy sectors.
  • Besides, the institute is facilitating innovations and inventions for establishing the claims of Indian talent in international fields where Indian products shall ultimately compete.
  • In the new millennium, CMERI is poised to expand its horizon of research activities so as to steer the country forward in cutting-edge and sunrise fields.


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