Kerala set to seal all inter-State borders 

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Rise in fresh cases in border districts  

  • Police to seal all inter-State borders to discourage the movement of people between Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.  
  • Tamil Nadu was in the middle of an intense lockdown in five districts from April 26 to April 29.   
  • Also included Coimbatore and Tiruppur, which shared a common frontier with Kerala. Hence, it was essential for the police to seal the borders of Kerala tightly.  
  • Law enforcers should sanitise cargo vehicles at borders, and examine drivers and crew for COVID-19 symptoms.  


  • The police had earlier told the government that tightening of lockdown restrictions had spawned a mafia that moved people between States and districts for cash.   
  • The racketeers had contracted a network of ambulance, cargo and container lorry drivers to facilitate the illegal movement.  
  • The properties straddling inter-State borders helped the racket flourish, and used the same method and routes to smuggle bootlegged liquor and other contraband.  
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