Carnivorous frog enters South Australia, could wreak havoc 

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A new study has highlighted the possible impact on the environment of South Australia state in the wake of an alien carnivorous species of frog making its way to the area. 

Litoria cyclorhyncha 

  • The spotted-thighed frog (Litoria cyclorhyncha) has been found to have established a 1,000-plus population in Streaky Bay in South Australia. 
  • Sightings have also been confirmed on the Eyre Peninsula and at the Adelaide airport. 
  • The authors of the study warned that the frog can kill and eat almost any creature belonging to local species and cause enormous damage to local food webs in the process. 
  • As proof, the authors cited the stomach contents of 76 frogs that they examined as part of the research. They were found to belong to 200 different species.  
  • Of these, 60 per cent were beetles, spiders and insects. Native geckos, young frogs and mice were also found. 
  • The authors also warned that if the frog was not controlled, it might spread eastwards into the basin of the Darling and Murray rivers, which extends into Victoria and New South Wales states. 
  • They called on the South Australia government to take urgent measures for controlling the spread of the frog. 
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