World’s biggest COVID-19 vaccination programme


The world’s biggest inoculation drive against the coronavirus is set to begin in the country, day after India’s drugs regulator approved two vaccines for restricted emergency use, and products to have a global demand and also global acceptance.

  • The “Made in Indiavaccines, are approved of Oxford University’s COVID-19 vaccine Covishield made by the Serum Institute of India, and the indigenously developed Covaxin of Bharat Biotech, for restricted emergency use, paving the way for a massive inoculation drive.
  •  Quality is as much important as quantity, and the standards should rise with our scale in our quest for ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’.
  • The PM said that in any progressive society, research was key, and its effects were commercial and social.
  • Quality of services in our country and products, both public or private sector, will determine India’s strength in the world.
  • Historically, countries have progressed in direct correlation to their effort to promote science and our PM termed this “value creation cycle” of science, technology and industry.
  • This value creation cycle of science to mass creation has become all the more important in today’s world, when the country is moving forward with the goal of ‘Aatmanirbhar’ India. 
  • National Physical Laboratory has adopted an international practice for the production of Indian Certified Reference Material (CRM) Trademarked as ‘Bhartiya Nirdeshak Dravya’.
  • The credibility of the country in the world will be dependent on the reliability of its metrology. Metrology is like a mirror showing us our standing in the world, the scope for improvement.
  • The ‘Bhartiya Nirdeshak Dravya’, would help industry to make quality products in sectors like heavy metals, pesticides, pharma and textiles by drafting a “Certified Reference Material System”.
  • Modern technology-related banking, railways, defence, health, telecom, weather forecast, disaster management and many similar sectors will be benefited greatly from this achievement.
  • The timescale will also help in strengthening India’s role in “Industry 4.0”. India is moving towards a leading position in the field of environment. 
  • Still, for technology and tools for measuring air quality and emission, India is dependent on others. 
  • This achievement will lead to self-reliance in the field and will lead to creation of more effective and cheaper tools for pollution control
  • This will also enhance India’s share in the global market for technologies related to air quality and emission technology.
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