World Coconut Day 

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September 2 has a special significance for all coconut-growing countries of the world. It is the day observed annually as ‘World Coconut Day’ in several countries of the Asia-Pacific region, including India. 

Coconut Day information: 

  • World coconut day is celebrated on 2nd of September annually as declared by Asian and Pacific coconut community (APCC) whose headquarters is at Jakarta, Indonesia. 
  • This organization works to economically support and promote all the coconut industries 
  • India is one of the founding members of this organization science 1968 
  • There is a coconut development board(CDB) in India which in collaboration with APCC organizes many events in different parts of the country. 
  • CDB headquarters at Kochi Kerala and has many regional and state offices all over the country. 
  • World coconut day is celebrated to promote the uses and importance of this holy tree. 
  • World coconut day 2020 is observed on 2nd of September 2020 (Wednesday) 

Importance of coconut 

  • Coconut is India is referred to as “kalpavriksha”which means a tree which will fulfills all the necessities of life and is regarded as a holy tree. 
  • There is a lot of significance in Hindu religion for coconut and coconut tree in rituals and ceremonies. 
  • In other countries it is also called as “Tree of thousand uses” or “Tree of life”, every part of this tree utilized for either consumption or to make useful products. 
  • It creates agriculture as well as industrial employment opportunities. 

Coconut production 

  • Coconut is produced in more than 80 countries around the world. 
  • In World India stands as third largest coconut producer with Indonesia at the top. 
  • The south states are at the top it is said almost 90% of coconut production is from south states 


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