Workers face heat, hunger as lockdown is extended 

#GS3 #PandemicCrisis 

Construction labourers and families face more uncertainty 

  • The workers haven’t been paid since the one-day ‘Janta Curfew’ of March 22.  
  • Their days stretch empty between arrival of the vehicle that delivers food — once around 1 p.m. and then at 7 p.m. 
  • Children from the workers’ colony run towards the rare car that passes by on the Expressway, hoping that it is someone bringing food.  
  • When the car drives away without stopping, they still linger on near the entrance to the construction site till the security guard herds them back into the shanties with his baton. 
  • The two meals have been arranged by the builder. The labourers complain that they haven’t got even a kilogram of food grains promised by the government. 
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