Vallarpadam Terminal of cochin port:


The Kochi International Container Trans-shipment Terminal (ICTT), locally known as the Vallarpadam Terminal is located strategically on the Indian coastline. It successfully fulfills all the criteria which are needed to develop it as trans-shipment hub which include:

  • It is best positioned Indian port with regard to proximity to International sea routes;
  • It is located at least average nautical distance from all Indian feeder ports;
  • It entails connectivity which has multiple weekly feeder connections to all ports on West & East Coast of India, From Mundra to Kolkata;
  • It has proximity to key hinterland markets of India;
  • It has the infrastructure to manage large ships and the capacity to scale it up as per requirement. 
  • Trans-shipment Hub is the terminal at the port which handles containers, stores them temporarily, and transfers them to other ships for the onward destination. 
  • Vallarpadam Terminal of Cochin Port is proposed to be developed as the most preferred gateway for South India and the leading transshipment hub of South Asia. 

Source: PIB

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