Utkrisht Sansthan Vishwakarma Award 

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Union Education Minister has conferred the Second Utkrisht Sansthan Vishwakarma Award in 14 categories to the Institutions under AICTE. 


What is ‘Utkrisht Sansthan Vishwakarma Award’? 

  • The Utkrisht Sansthan Vishwakarma Awardis being organised by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) since 2019, which aims to motivate, recognise and honour the AICTE approved institutions to raise their performance in the specific domain leading to significant contribution for the growth and development of the society. 
  • In order to motivate and honor technical institutions, AICTE under its Utkrisht Sansthan Vishwakarma Award (USVA) 2020 has proposed the theme of the year as “INDIA FIGHTS CORONA”. 


More details  

  • College of Engineering, Pune gets first award in overall category. 
  • In addition to Utkrishtha Sansthan Vishwakarma Awards, AICTE conducts AICTE Chhatra Vishwakarma Awards since 2017 for promoting innovative spirit and scientific temperament for holistic development of society through the stake holders of its approved institutes. By means of this competition, the innovations and achievements of individuals are recognized and applauded. 
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