Unions hit out at govt. for freezing DA and DR 

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AIBEA says the decision is arbitrary  

  • Unions termed arbitrary the Centre’s decision to freeze the dearness allowance (DA) of its employees and dearness relief (DR) of pensioners and demanded its roll-back.  
  • In a statement, the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) denounced the decision. No doubt, the country has been passing through a financial crisis, but why should workers and employees be made the sacrificial item for the same.   
  • Quite a number of employees are deployed and consequently are involved in various governmental activities and services meant to combat the spread of the pandemic COVID-19.  
  • The government did not consult unions and federations of its employees before taking the decision.  
  • The very basis of payment of DA and DR is to compensate the employees and the pensioners for the increase in the cost of living. After the cost of living has gone up, it is unfair to deny the compensation to the employees.  
  • The government had taken an insensitive and inhuman decision to cut the DA of its employees, pensioners and jawans, who are serving the public by fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.  

 ‘At what cost?’ 

  • The decision to cut the DA allowance until June 2021 would give the government only ₹38,000 crore at the cost of its employees, including armed forces personnel and pensioners.  
  • Prime Minister has deducted ₹11,000 crore of the 15 lakh serving armed forces personnel and nearly 26 lakh military pensioners.   
  • Cutting the DA and DR worth ₹38,000 crore of 113 lakh Central employees and pensioners. It’s an indicator of the entire private sector of the country to follow suit and cut wages and allowances of their employees.   
  • In the past one month, the government had slashed the interest rates of small savings instruments, savings bank accounts and fixed deposits of public sector banks, hurting the common people who depend on the incomes from their savings.  
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