Task Force to examine women related issues 

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The Government of India has set up a Task Force to examine matters pertaining to age of motherhood, imperatives of lowering MMR, improvement of nutritional levels and related issues. 

  • Women’s age of marriage was increased from fifteen years to eighteen years in 1978, by amending erstwhile Sharda Act of 1929. 
  • As India progresses further, opportunities open up for women to pursue higher education and careers. 
  • There are imperatives of lowering MMR as well as improvement of nutrition levels. Entire issue about age of a girl entering motherhood needs to be seen in this light. 

Terms of Reference of task force  

  • To examine the correlation of age of marriage and motherhood with (a) health, medical well-being and nutritional status of mother and neonate/infant/child, during pregnancy, birth and thereafter, (b) key parameters like Infant Mortality Rate (IMR), Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR), Total Fertility Rate (TFR), Sex Ratio at Birth (SRB), Child Sex Ratio (CSR) etc. and (c) any other relevant points pertaining to health and nutrition in this context. 
  • To suggest measures for promoting higher education among women. 
  • To suggest suitable legislative instruments and/or amendments in existing laws to support the recommendations of the Task Force. 
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