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News : Tata Group is planning to launch an all-in-one super app soon. 

Super apps? 

  • A super app is a platform developed by a company offering various services under one umbrella. For example, China’s WeChat, which started out as a messaging app, expanded into payments, cabs, shopping, food ordering, cab services to become a super app. 
  • A physical world comparison of a super app would be a mall, which allows retail space to various brands and shops across businesses and verticals. 

Who makes super apps? 

  • Typically, companies that have a slew of services and products to offer tend to consolidate these offerings into a super app. 


  • The very concept of a conglomerate trying to keep a customer within its own ecosystem for most services they might require increases the possibility of a monopoly. 
  • This is in addition to concerns of privacy in cases where a super app has onboarded third-party service providers. 
  • Experts pointed out that data collected by the master app could then be used to train machines in artificial intelligence and predict consumer behaviour even more accurately. 
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