Stumpffia froschaueri 

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A proposed new species of stump-toed frog from Madagascar has been named after Christoph Froschauer, a printer in Medieval Europe who was known for printing the Historia Animalium and the Zurich Bible. 


A new Critically Endangered frog named after 'the man from the ...
  • The name ‘Froschauer’ means ‘the man from the floodplain full of frogs’.  
  • The species, named Stumpffia froschaueri is found in just three forest patches of the Sahamalaza region, an area severely threatened by fire, drought and high levels of forest clearance.  
  • Much of the region where the new frog is found, is subject to slash-and-burn cultivation, thus leading to habitat fragmentation for the frog species.  
  • Scientists have called for the species to be included as a Critically Endangered Species in the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List. 
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