state must ensure that FCI stock are used wisely to provide food for migrant workers.

India labour force & Impact of lockdown:

  • one-fifth of Ind labour force is Internal Migrants
  • 2011-Census → Quates of Urban Population are migrants

Impact of Lockdown:

  • uncertainty and reverse migration.
  • Absence of transportation.
  • Inadequate preparation & Insufficient Provision.
  • lack of Public places for Support.

Measure to tackle these Problem:

  • use schools and Anganwadi Infra for food supply.
  • Right time to use FCI stock effectively.
  • sharing model (Govt to give rice & wheat, Panchayats can provide spices dhals etc).
  • usage of state Disaster Relief fund.
  • seek help from local community.

# Urban Plan:

  • As Per Periodic-labour Force-Survey =) 6Cr Casual labours and 4 Cr of self-employed person are in urban area in 2017 and 18
  • Allocate fund by Dist Collector from SDRF.
  • Engage various players like NGO, charities

(i) more than 65,000 NGO's are under Nita Aayog

(Ii) NGO DARPAN Platform can be used.

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