Somali sengi (Elephantulus revoilii) 

#GS3 #Biodiversity 

The Somali sengi (Elephantulus revoilii), a type of elephant shrew, which had not been seen since the early 1970s, has been found alive and well in Djibouti during a scientific expedition. 


  • The species was previously known to be found only in Somalia, hence its name. There are 20 species of sengis in the world, and the Somali sengi is known to science only from 39 individuals collected decades ago and stored in museums.  
  • The team set more than 1,000 traps at 12 locations and caught one of the creatures in the first trap they set in the dry, rocky landscape of Djibouti. 
  • In total, they saw 12 sengis during their expedition and obtained the first-ever photos and video of live Somali elephant shrews for scientific documentation. 
  • The team’s data shows that the Somali Sengi is an inhabitant of Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia, rather than just Somalia. 
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