Sherdukpen Community 

#GS1 #Culture 

  • The honey-hunting skill of the Sherdukpen community and the associated indigenous craftsmanship will fade away with the half-a-dozen subjects.  

Medicinal properties 

  • Chi means honey and Lupo is hunter in the dialect of the Buddhist Sherdukpen community, whose total population is estimated to be 4,500.   
  • They are concentrated in 12 villages in the district.  
  • Our people used honey collected from the wild for its medicinal properties and for preparing delicacies in the not so distant past.  
  • Very few venture out now because of better connectivity and access to medicines and food stores and the young are not interested in learning the tough skill.   
  • The honey-hunters followed into deep jungles at about 6,000 ft above sea level are from Thongri and Jigaon villages that are about 25 minutes’ drive from Rupa.   
  • While Thongri has some 70 houses, Jigaon has 100.  
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