Senkaku Islands 

#GS1 Geography 

A local council of Ishigaki city in southern Japan voted to rename an area, including islands disputed with China and Taiwan, as ‘Tonoshiro Senkaku’ from the earlier name of  


What is ‘Senkaku Islands’? 

  • The Senkaku Islands are located in the East China Sea between Japan, the People’s Republic of China, and the Republic of China (Taiwan). The archipelago contains five uninhabited islands and three barren rocks, ranging in size from 800 m2 to 4.32 km2. 
  • They are eight uninhabited islands and rocks in question lie in the East China Sea. They have a total area of about 7 sq km and lie northeast of Taiwan 
  • Taiwan, Japan and China claim ownership of these islands. 
  • They matter because they are close to strategically important shipping lanes, offer rich fishing grounds and are thought to contain oil deposits. 
  • Right now, the islands are controlled by Japan. 
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