Sanskritik Sadbhav Mandap 

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Union Minister of Minority Affairs has recently inaugurated “Sanskritik Sadbhav Mandap” at Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. 

  • It is constructed under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karykram (PMJVK). 
  • This community centre will be utilised for various socio-economic-cultural activities, skill development training, coaching, relief activities during disaster such as Corona and different sports activities. 

What is Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram? 

  • The erstwhile Multi-sectoral Development Programme (MsDP), a centrally sponsored scheme has been restructured and renamed as Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram. 
  • MsDP, a centrally sponsored scheme, launched to address the development deficits in 90 minority concentration districts in the country to address the development deficits. 
  • It has been identified as one of the Core of the Core Schemes under National Development Agenda. 
  • It aims at improving the socio-economic parameters of basic amenities for improving the quality of life of the people and reducing imbalances in the Minority Concentration Areas. 
  • Minority Concentration Areas have been identified based on both population data (25% of the total population belongs to minority communities) and backwardness parameters of Census 2001 of these areas. 

The backwardness parameters  

  • Religion-specific socio-economic indicators at the district level  
    • Literacy rate; 
    • Female literacy rate ; 
    • Work participation rate; and 
    • Female work participation rate; and 
    • Basic amenities indicators at the district level – 
    • Percentage of households with pucca walls‘ 
    • Percentage of households with safe drinking water & 
    • Percentage of households with electricity 
  • The projects considered are additional class rooms, laboratories, school buildings, hostels, toilets, buildings for Polytechnics, ITIs, Community Health Centres, Primary Health Centres / Sub-centres, Anganwadi Centres, Rural Housing etc. 
  • Education, Health and Skill are the priority under MsDP. 
  • The projects are funded in the ratio of 60:40 and for NE and Hilly States at 90:10 between the Centre and States. 
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