RTI reveals no earnings to CSIR labs from technology transfer 

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Some labs of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) — India’s premier laboratory research network — have earned no money from technology transfer since at least 2015, according to data by the Council accessed by The Hindu via the Right to Information Act.



  • Of the 38 labs of the CSIR, 11 responded with information to The Hindu’s queries, posed in February, on the number of technologies developed, numbers licensed and the money earned from technology transfer since 2015. Some said they were unable to respond because of COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Five of the labs that responded said they had received “no royalty from technologies commercialised 2015-2020”. These were the CSIR-IMTECH (Institute of Microbial Technology), Chandigarh; CSIR-AMPRI (Advanced Materials and Processes Research Institute), Bhopal; CSIR-IIP (Indian Institute of Petroleum), Dehradun; CSIR-Fourth Paradigm, Bengaluru; CSIR-CBRI (Central Building Research Institute), Roorkee.
  • The CSIR’s revenue isn’t from technology transfer alone but also from providing consultancy services and the RTI response didn’t include such revenues.
  • Not all research labs of the CSIR are for technology development and several have a mandate of developing technologies for poorer sections of society, according to a CSIR official.
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