Raja Parba Festival 

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Raja Parba is Odisha’s three-day unique festival celebrating the onset of monsoon and the earth’s womanhood. It is believed that during this time the Mother Earth or Bhudevi undergoes menstruation. 

  • As a mark of respect towards the earth during her menstruation days, all agricultural works, like ploughing, sowing are suspended for the three days. 
  • As it is a celebration of womanhood, a lot of the focus is on young women, who wear new clothes, apply ‘Alata’ on their feet and enjoy folk songs while swinging on decorated rope swings. 

Raja Sankranti is the first day of the Ashara month. It is celebrated on the day prior to the Sankranti, (Pahili Raja), the day of Sankranti, and the day after, known as Bhu Daha or ‘Basi Raja.  

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