Purandara Dasa 

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News : Research on birthplace of Purandara Dasa : To put an end to speculation regarding the birthplace of Purandara Dasa, the Department of Archaeology, Heritage and Museums will soon commence field work at Keshavapura in Araga Gram Panchayat of Tirthahalli taluk. 

  • As ‘Purandara Vithala’ was the pen name of his compositions, it was widely believed that the mystic poet was born in Purandharagad, Maharashtra. However, many in Malnad claimed that he hailed from this region. 
  • Prior to his initiation to Haridasa tradition, Purandara Dasa was a rich merchant and was called as Srinivasa Nayaka.  
  • Referring to this, the proponents of the theory that Puranadara Dasa was born in Malnad point out at that ‘Nayaka’ title was attributed to locally influential people, including wealthy merchants in Malnad during the Vijayanagar rule. 

Purandara Dasa : 

  • Sri Purandara Dasa was a great devotee of Lord Krishna, a poet and a musician. He is considered as the father of Carnatic Music. 
  • He formalized the music system which was a blend of various traditions of South India and the musical science as explained in the Vedas.  
  • He devised a system of teaching Carnatic music in graded lessons. Purandara Dasa identified 84 ragas. Each of his lyric is a beautiful musical composition.  
  • His works touched a variety of musical types – Kritis, Keertans, Padams and even many rare forms of music.  
  • Sri Thyagaraja was greatly influenced by him and offered homage to him in his Prahalada Bhakthi Vijayam. Purandara Dasa is said to have composed around 475,000 songs, in Kannada and Sanskrit.  
  • Only about a 1000 are available now. Purandara Dasa’s songs express his love for Lord Narayana, especially Sri Krishna.  
  • He sings of various aspects of Sri Krishna’s life. In many of these songs, he also satirizes all the various pretensions and vices prevailing in the society. 
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