‘Plan ahead for train services for migrant workers’ 

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Desperation might spark Bandra-like clashes: Ajit Pawar 

  • Maharashtra urged the Union government to plan and resume railway services for several lakh migrant labourers who want to return home.   
  • Deputy Chief Minister warned Minister for Railways of a possible repeat of the violent incidents at the Bandra railway station on April 14, when thousands of migrant labourers who had gathered hoping to return home had to be turned back.   
  • Appealed for advance planning for resuming train services to facilitate the return of nearly 6.5 lakh labourers.   
  • The special trains could originate from Mumbai and Pune to all major destinations in the country, to accommodate all such restless labourers.  
  • Warning of potential law and order problems, remains a State with the highest number of migrant workers from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and other northern States.  


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