Silver line Project

Recently, the Kerala cabinet has given the green light to start acquiring land for the SilverLine project.

  • It entails building a semi high-speed railway corridor through the state linking its southern end and capital Thiruvananthapuram with its northern end of Kasaragod.
  • It is proposed to be 529.45 kms long, covering 11 districts through 11 stations.
  • It is estimated to cost Rs. 63,940 crore and is billed together of the largest infrastructure enterprises being pushed by the ruling government .
  • The deadline for the project, being executed by the Kerala Rail Development Corporation Limited (KRDCL), is 2025.
  • KRDCL, or K-Rail, may be a venture between the Kerala government and therefore the Union Ministry of Railways.


  • Can take a big load of traffic off the prevailing railway stretch and make travel easier and faster.
  • Reduce road congestion and fewer accidents.
  • Reduce GHG emissions, help in Ro-Ro service expansion, produce employment opportunities, integrate airports, etc.


  • Damage to the state’s ecosystem within the path of the proposed route.
  • Irreversible impact to the state’s rivers, paddy fields and wetlands, triggering floods and landslides in future.
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