1. Mega Food Park Scheme
  2. Senior care Ageing Growth Engine (SAGE) Project 


Mega Food Park Scheme

It was launched by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries in 2008.


  • To provide a mechanism to link agricultural production to the market.
Centre allocates 17 mega food parks to states private firms
  • To ensure maximizing value addition, minimizing wastage, increasing farmers income and creating employment opportunities within the rural sector.
  • It is supported the “Cluster” approach and envisages the creation of state-of-the-art support infrastructure during a well-defined agri/horticultural zone.
  • It is finished fixing modern food processing units within the industrial plots provided within the park with a well-established supply chain.  
  • It is implemented by a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) which may be a Body Corporate registered under the businesses Act, 2013.
  • State Government, its entities and cooperatives aren't required to make a separate SPV for implementation of the project.

Senior care Ageing Growth Engine (SAGE) Project  

It has been launched by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Aim: to pick , support and make a “one-stop access” of elderly care products and services by credible start-ups.

There is an urgent got to create a more robust elder care ecosystem in India, especially within the post-Covid-19 phase.

India’s elderly population is on the increase , and as per surveys, the share of elders, as a percentage of the entire population within the country, is predicted to extend from around 7.5 percent in 2001 to almost 12.5 percent by 2026, and surpass 19.5 percent by 2050.

It is shaped on the recommendations of the Empowered Expert Committee (EEC) report on start-ups for elderly.

Start-ups can apply for being a neighborhood of SAGE through a dedicated portal.

The start-ups are going to be selected on the idea of innovative products and services, which they ought to be ready to provide across sectors like health, housing, care centres, aside from technological access linked to

Thawarchand Gehlot launches SAGE portal to help elderly persons - NewsOnAIR
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