1. Competition commission of india 
  2. Bubble curtain 

Competition Commission of India

Recently, the twelfth Annual Day of the Competition Commission of India (CCI) has been celebrated.

Competition Commission of India (CCI)

  • It is the competition regulator in India.  
  • Establishment Year: 2003  
  • It is a statutory body established by associate degree act of Parliament, the Competition Act, 2002.

Aim: Promoting competition throughout india  associate degreed preventing activities that have an considerable adverse result on competition in India.

Composition: A president and 6 other members appointed by the Central Government.

Competition (Amendment) Act, 2007

This act prohibits anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominant position by enterprises, and regulates mixtures (acquisition, exploit of management, and Merger and acquisition), that causes or probably to cause associate degree considerable adverse result on competition among India.

Bubble curtain 

The Yamuna river will have a bubble curtain to stop plastic flushing into  the river.

Bubble Curtain

  • It is a non-invasive solution to avoid plastic from entering the oceans.
    • Ships and fish can swim through the air bubbles, but plastics will be filtered 
  • The bubble screen is created by a specially designed air tube which is placed diagonally on the bed of the canal or river.
    • These air tubes are connected with a compressor which is powered by renewable solar energy
    • Further, aeration in the canal will increase dissolved oxygen levels in the wastewater/stormwater leading to an overall improvement in the water quality.
  • It brings waste to the surface, channels the plastic onto the banks where it can be extracted.
    • The plastic waste extracted from the canal will be taken to a Municipal Solid Waste treatment and Materials Recovery Facility.
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