1. MACS 1407
  2. Palladium

MACS 1407

  • It is a newly developed high-yielding, pest-resistant, low water and fertiliser requiring soybean variety.
  • Named after Maharashtra Association of Cultivation of Science.
  • It has been developed by scientists from Agharkar Research Institute (Pune) and Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICMR) New Delhi.
  • It is resistant to major insects and pests like girdle beetle, leaf miner, white fly and defoliators.
  • It is suitable for rain-fed conditions of north-east India and for Assam, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh as well.
  • The new seeds will be made available to farmers for sowing during the 2022 Kharif season.

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  • Palladium is a chemical element with the symbol Pd and atomic number 46.
  • It is a shiny white metal in the same group as platinum, along with ruthenium, rhodium, osmium, and iridium.
  •  Most of it is extracted as a byproduct in the mining of other metals, usually platinum and nickel.
  • The majority of the world's palladium comes from Russia and South Africa.



Benefits and usages 

  • Its key commercial use is as a critical component in catalytic converters - a part of a car's exhaust system that controls emissions - found mainly in petrol and hybrid vehicles.
  • About 85% of palladium ends up in the exhaust systems in cars, where it helps turn toxic pollutants into less harmful carbon dioxide and water vapour. It is also used in electronics, dentistry and jewellery.




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