‘Permit retail in non-virus zones’ 

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Sans consumption, manufacturing will be meaningless: RAI  

  • Retailers Association of India (RAI) has asked the government to allow the opening of establishments such as shops and malls dealing in non-essential items along with restarting of manufacturing activity in non-COVID-19 zones, stating without retail consumption, manufacturing will have little meaning.  
  • Committing to adhere to the highest safety standards in terms of social distancing and hygiene, the association has pleaded for a gradual opening up of retail units to boost consumption and ensure job retention.  
  • Retailers have also asked the government to provide subsidy of up to 50% for payment of the salary of employees earning up to ₹25,000, 25% additional working capital credit line to pay salaries, working capital loans of three months of sales at a very low rate of interest and a moratorium of six to nine months for repayment of loans which will help in achieving normalcy in nine to 12 months.  

Open shops, multiplexes 

  • Twenty-five million people working in the sector will be impacted if shops selling non-essential goods remain closed.   
  • If retail does not open, then manufacturing will be hit. Malls, shops and multiplexes must open.   
  • RAI has come out with safety standards to be implemented across all retail units to provide safe shopping experience to customers.  
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