Parliamentary Standing Committees 

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The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology has summoned Facebook to discuss the alleged misuse of social media platforms in the wake of claims that the US firm did not apply hate speech rules to certain politicians. 

About Parliamentary Committees  

  • Broadly, Parliamentary Committees are of two kinds – Standing Committees and ad hoc Committees. The former are elected or appointed every year or periodically and their work goes on, more or less, on a continuous basis. The latter are appointed on an ad hoc basis as the need arises and they cease to exist as soon as they complete the task assigned to them. 
  • Their appointment, terms of office, functions and procedure of conducting business are also more or less similar and are regulated as per rules made by the two Houses under Article 118(1) of the Constitution. 
  • Parliamentary Standing Committees are further divided into financial committees and departmentally-related standing committees (DRSCs). 
  • Finance committees are considered to be particularly powerful. The three financial committees are the Public Accounts Committee, the Estimates Committee and the Committee on Public Undertakings. 
  • ‘Select’ committees formed for a specific purpose, for instance, to deliberate on a particular bill. Once the Bill is disposed of, that select committee ceases to exist. 
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