Parivar Pehchan Patra 

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Haryana Chief Minister has launched a unique identity card – called Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP) – through which the state government aims to monitor each of the approximately 54 lakh families living across the state.  

  • Under this, each family will be considered a single unit and allotted a 8-digit unique identification number.  
  • Telangana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are also exploring the possibility of implementing a similar PPP project. 

Need of Unique Identity cards 

  • In order to avail the benefits of social security schemes of the state government, it is mandatory for each family to register themselves on the Parivar Pehchan Patra portal. Also, the government has made it mandatory for employees to go for this PPP, failing which their salaries may also be withheld. 
  • It will not be mandatory for every family of the state to obtain a PPP. But, yes, PPP is mandatory for families availing benefits under government schemes. Also, whenever a family wants to avail any government scheme, it will have to first get a PPP to be eligible. 
  • The government will establish the scheme-wise eligibility of a particular family using this 8-digit code according to the information available in the Parivar Pehchan Patra of the family.  
  • The benefits, according to the schemes, shall automatically be transferred to the family using the same code. Government says it will ensure that not a single beneficiary is left out from the government benefits that they are entitled to. 

How is it different from Aadhaar card? 

  • While Aadhaar represents an individual as a unit, a PPP represents a family as a unit. Most of our government schemes are structured around the family. It is not structured around an individual. 
  • Aadhaar, due to its litigation history, has not served the purpose of linking different databases because it cannot be shared.  
  • For instance, if we have a database on PM Kisan scheme and we want to correspond it to see how many of PM Kisan scheme beneficiaries are registering on Meri Fasal Mera Byora, we are unable to do that. 
  • As part of the PPP, the government will take the Aadhar once and put it into a vault called an Aadhaar vault. Aadhaar will not be exposed. But the PPP will be linked to all the family schemes.  
  • Thus, the sensitivity to legal requirements diminishes because Aadhar will not be exposed. 
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