Parampara Series 2020-National Festival of Music and Dance

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Vice President launches virtual festival of ‘Parampara Series 2020-National Festival of Music and Dance’.

This festival has been organized to coincide with the World Day for Audio-visual Heritage.

‘Parampara’ means ‘tradition’, the transmission of cultural treasure house from one generaion to the next.



  • The ‘Parampara Series 2020-National Festival of Music and Dance’ is organized by Natya Tarangini in partnership with the United Nations.
  • Natya Tarangini is organising the ‘Parampara Series’ continuously since past 23 years.
  • The festival of music and dance make lives more fulfilling by rejuvenating and energising. They bring harmony into lives and nourish inner spirit by dispelling gloom and despair.
  • India’s diverse art forms of dance, music, and drama represent our common civilizational philosophy and values like harmony, unity and solidarity.
  • There is also a distinct focus on devotion, spirituality and there is an entire gamut of expressions of nine ‘Rasas’ that constitute human existence.
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