context:- post COVID-19 effect, India needs to address the problem of petroleum supply security.

Oil war & Death of knell of Opec: -

  • The implication of the decision of Saudi Arabia & Russia:

(i) when the whole world is Under crisis, Saudi wants to catch hold of the oil market by its share.

(ii) Russia wants to remove US shale oil Industry

  • these would result in knell of OPEC.

Reasons for the Decline in oil price?

  • currently, it is 30$ per barrel which was = 60$ as average in 2019.
  • why such volatility?

a) Saudi ⇒ Increased Production by 9.8 Mbd Additional to that of earlier 12 mbd.

b) Two Importance consumer sector, Transport and

Industries are lockdown.

  • This can result in fall of oil consumption by 25m bd

(which is total Prod of oped).

  • Thus Saudi & Russia will achieve their objectives.

Implication on OPEC countries

(i) Budgetary Crisis:

  • OPEC countries would end up at the balance sheet crisis.

eg: these producers are gut countries and have foreign Reserves in form of sovereign currency.

  • So to tackle they have to cut subsidies, raise taxes.
  • India → needs to work on building its own oil supply plans with likehood of OPEC.

(ii) Reconfiguration of the oil Industry will take place.

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