Pangong Tso Lake 

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The Pangong Tso Lake is a long deep narrow lake that is situated at a height of 4,350 metres in the Ladakh region. 

  • It is a brackish water lake. 
  • It is not a part of the Indus river basin. 

Tactical significance of the lake: 

  • It lies in the path of the Chushul approach, one of the main approaches that China can use for an offensive into Indian-held territory. 
  • Fingers in the lake: 
  • The barren mountain called Chang Chenmo has palm like formations called ‘fingers’. 
  • India claims that the LAC is coterminous with Finger 8, but China claims that it starts from Line 2. 
  • India physically controls area only up to Finger 4. 
  • Note: Sino-Indian border dispute: The LAC mostly passes on the land, but Pangong Tso is a unique case where it passes through the water as well. 
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