Pakistan is exporting terror, says Army chief 

#GS3 #BorderSecurity 

  • Pakistan continues to foment trouble and resorts to firing heavy calibre artillery, killing innocent Kashmiris. Also  asserted that all terror launch pads across the Line of Control (LoC) were active. 
  • Even in hinterland, Pakistan backed terrorists are resorting to targeting innocent civilians with the aim of coercing them into following their azadi narrative. 

Kashmir visit 

  • The recent escalation in infiltration attempts and cease fire violations (CFV), including exchange of heavy artillery fire, that has resulted in civilian causalities on the Indian side. 
  • Local formation commanders were implementing the summer strategy based on various assessments.  
  • On COVID-19 cases in the over Army, which has 1.3 million personnel, there have been only eight positive cases — two doctors and a nursing assistant. 
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