Operation Greens Scheme 

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Operation Greens Scheme, being implemented by MoFPI has been extended from tomato, onion and potato (TOP) crops to other notified horticulture crops for providing subsidy for their transportation and storage from surplus production area to major consumption centres.   

  • The objective of intervention is to protect the growers of fruits and vegetables from making distress sale due to lockdown and reduce the post -harvest losses. 
  • Duration of Scheme: – For the period of six months from the date of notification i.e., 11/06/2020. 
  • Eligible entities: - Food Processors, FPO/FPC, Co-operative Societies, Individual farmers, Licensed Commission Agent, Exporters, State Marketing/Co-operative Federation, Retailers etc. engaged in processing/ marketing of fruits and vegetables. 
  • Pattern of Assistance: - Ministry will provide subsidy @ 50 % of the cost of the following two components, subject to the cost norms: 
    • Transportation of eligible crops from surplus production cluster to consumption centre; and/or 
    • Hiring of appropriate storage facilities for eligible crops (for maximum period of 3 months) 
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