One strain of virus is most potent: study  

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  • Scientists at the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics (NIBMG), Kalyani, West Bengal, have found that the novel coronavirus has undergone mutations to form 10 different types (clades).   
  • Of the 10, one specific type called A2a has become predominant and is fast replacing both the original type (called “O”) from China and other mutated types in many countries.   
  • The A2a type seems to be predominant in New York, Italy, Australia, Spain, Iceland, Brazil, Congo and other countries. It is also the dominant type in India.  
  • In the U.S., Washington state and New York show contrasting predominance of the clades. While B1 type is predominant in Washington, A2a dominates in New York.   
  • The differences in patterns of travel contact with China and Europe could be a reason, they write.  
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