One Nation, One Election


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on pitched for ‘One Nation, One Election’, saying it is the need of the country as elections taking place every few months hamper development works.

  • There should be a single voter list for all polls in the country.
  • ‘One Nation, One Election’ isn’t just an issue of deliberation but also a need of the country. 
  • Elections are held at different places every few months and it hampers the developmental work. 
  • Emphasizing the need for coordination between all three wings of the state - legislature, executive and judiciary - everything, from their role to their decorum, was described in the Constitution itself.
  • In the 1970s, we saw how there was an attempt to breach the dignity of separation of power, but the country got the answer only from the Constitution. 
  • After that period of Emergency, the system of checks and balances became stronger and stronger. 
  • The legislature, the executive and the judiciary, all three, learned a lot from that period and moved forward.
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