One-dimensional Fluid Simulation Code 

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Scientists at the Indian Institute of Geomagnetism (IIG) an autonomous institution of the Department of Science and Technology have developed a generalized one-dimensional fluid simulation code capable of studying a wide spectrum of coherent electric field structures in near-earth plasma environment or earth’s magnetosphere which can be useful in planning of future space missions. 

  • The Earth’s magnetosphere is a vast region which has a finite number of satellites hurtling through this realm.  
  • Hence, the in situ observations are finite and discrete.  
  • The morphology of the plasma processes around the satellite can be understood quite well.  
  • However, when they leave the observational domain of one satellite to enter into another, a vast blind arena is created.  
  • How the morphology of these processes changes over space and time can be ideally deciphered only through computer simulations. 

Uses :  

  • New simulation code helps study electric field structure in Earth’s Magnetosphere where satellites hover. 
  • The study can be useful in planning of future space missions. 

It can also lead to precisely controlled fusion laboratory experiments for ever-expanding energy needs of humanity

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