Oman job cuts not Indian-specific: Centre 

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Gulf country decides to fire expat workers from state-sector companies 

  • The Gulf countries greatly value their relation with India. They also value the role of the Indian diaspora in the development of the region.   
  • The policy of Oman is not specific to India and it does not target Indians.  
  • Oman’s Finance Ministry issued a new set of guidelines ordering state-owned companies to “expedite replacement of expatriates with Omanis”.  
  • According to some estimates, around a third of Oman’s 4.6 million residents are expatriates who work in state-owned and private sectors.  
  • There are at least 8,00,000 Indian workers in the kingdom and a part of them are likely to be impacted by the order.   
  • Though the order is limited to the state-owned companies, it is understood that the private sector will be under pressure to follow the state sector’s example.  
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