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Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extolled the virtues of Khadi – the handwoven cloth popularised by Mahatma Gandhi. 

  • He made a reference to the region of Oaxaca in Mexico, where he said khadi was being manufactured, and narrated an anecdote about how khadi reached the Latin American country after a local resident became influenced by a film on Mahatma Gandhi.


What is Mexico’s Khadi Oaxaca?

  • Khadi Oaxaca is a farm-to-garment collective which comprises around 400 families, which live and work on traditional farms and homesteads in the Oaxaca region of southern Mexico.
  • It has been founded by Mark “Marcos” Brown, an American living in Mexico, and his wife, Kalindi Attar.
  • The project says it uses cotton produced and cultivated on the Oaxaca coast, and produces chemical-free clothing, relying on locally harvested plant-based dyes.
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