Norms issued for restart of industrial units 

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First week is test run period: NDMA 

  • The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has issued a series of guidelines for restarting manufacturing industries after the lockdown period.  
  • Guidelines also pertain to chemical disasters, management of chemical (terrorism) disasters, and strengthening of safety and security for transport of petroleum, oil and lubricants (POL) tankers. 
  • The State governments have been told to ensure, through the district officials concerned, that the off-site disaster management plan of the respective major accident hazard (MAH) units are up to date. 
  • All lockout and tagout procedures should be in place on a daily basis (not applicable for units running 24 hours).  
  • The equipment are to be inspected as per safety protocols. 
  • The units should approach local district administration for specific assistance. 
  • Storage facilities have to be inspected for any signs of spills, wear and tear.  
  • Check for already opened storage vessels, containers, bags or silos for possible oxidation/chemical reaction/rusting/ rotting etc. 
  • Before entering the storage areas, proper ventilation and lighting has to be ensured. 

24-hour sanitisation 

  • The employers should provide hand santisers, masks, face protection shields and PPEs, ensure 24-hour sanitisation of the factory premises, accommodation of workers should also be sanitised regularly, and their temperature checked twice a day.  
  • The staff should be educated on COVID-19 health and prevention, quarantine measures for supply and storage of goods, isolation and sanitisation of finished goods and delivery of goods in shifts. 
  • Barriers should be created to ensure the physical distance within the work floor and dining facilities.  
  • Factories have to prepare accommodation to isolate workers, if needed.  
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