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Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said it put the Islamic Republic’s first military satellite into orbit, dramatically unveiling what experts described as a secret space program with a surprise launch that came amid wider tensions with the United States. 

  • There was no immediate independent confirmation of the launch of the satellite, which the Guard called “Noor” or light. 
  • On its official website, the Guard said the satellite successfully reached an orbit of 425 kilometers (264 miles) above the Earth’s surface.  
  • The Guard called it the first military satellite ever launched by Tehran. 
  • Based’ or “Messenger”, satellite carrier is used to put the device into space, a previously unheard-of system. 

Concerns: While Iran isn’t known to have the know-how to miniaturize a nuclear weapon on a ballistic missile, any advances toward an intercontinental ballistic missile would put Europe and potentially the US in range. 

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