NGC 3895 

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NASA's Hubble telescope released an image of a spiral galaxy, NGC 3895, that, in colour and shape, resembles a coffee made by a barista. 


Hubble Space Telescope Observes NGC 3895 | Astronomy |


  • The galaxy's existence was known earlier as well and it has been captured by the telescope in the past as well. However, the current image is trending online for its aesthetic beauty. 
  • The Hubble Space Telescope released the image under the title "One Large Stellar Latte To Go". 
  • The galaxy, located at a distance of over 161 million light-years, is a part of Ursa Major. 
  • It was discovered by German-born British astronomer William Herschel on March 18, 1790. 
  • The galaxy has a diameter of approximately 45,000 light-years.  
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