New variant T478K


  • Recently, Italian researchers have identified a brand new coronavirus mutation, whose scientific name is T478K.
  • An analysis of over a million SARS-CoV-2 genome sequences has led to the identification of a new variant.
  • Like other strains, this presents a mutation within the spike protein.
  • This variant covers over 50% of the prevailing viruses during this area.
  • The variant spreads evenly across males and females and age ranges.  
  • This variant has been increasingly spreading among people in North America, particularly in Mexico.  
  • This variant represents 52.8% of all sequenced coronaviruses in Mexico, whereas within the US it shows up only in 2.7% of the sequenced samples.
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What is Spike Protein?

  • It is a protein that protrudes from the surface of a coronavirus, just like the spikes of a crown or corona hence called ‘coronavirus’.  
  • In the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, it's the spike protein that initiates the method of infection during a human cell.
  • It attaches itself to a person's enzyme, called the ACE2 receptor, before happening to enter the cell and make multiple copies of itself.




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