New grasshopper species named after Indian researcher 

#GS3 #Biodiversity 

A new species of ‘twighopper’ or pygmy grasshopper, discovered by Croatian and German researchers in the rainforests of Sri Lanka, has been named after Kerala grasshopper expert, Dhaneesh Bhaskar. 

  • The discovery of the Cladonotus bhaskari is based on the photograph of a single specimen taken in 2016.  
  • The researchers studied it and found it to be distinct from other grasshopper species.  
  • They declared it to be new and christened it after Bhaskar in the journal ‘Zootaxa’ last month. 
  • The researchers were quoted as saying that they had decided to name the species after Bhaskar due to his work on grasshoppers in India.  
  • Bhaskar, they said, was the first Indian researcher to study the insects, something which was earlier done by foreigners. 
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