New biodiversity park opens in Uttarakhand to preserve native species of plants 

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The Uttarakhand Forest Department opened the gates of its new biodiversity park for the public on June 5, 2020, to mark World Environment Day. 

  • A biodiversity hotspot, the hill state is home to rich landscapes, flora, and plants of medicinal importance. But due to rising incidences of climate change, degrading landscapes, habitat fragmentation, and upscaled development activities, many of these exotic plant species are getting lost. 
  • To conserve its rich biodiversity, a biodiversity park has been set up in Haldwani to showcase the unique biodiversity of the Himalayan state. Of the 40 thematic sections that the park boasts of, a collection of wild edible food plants / trees is of great importance. 
  • Food produced from the hills is gaining popularity across the globe. Many of them labelled as super foods, have an established market. But with little effort to conserve the local wild food varieties, it threatens the existence of the local food biodiversity. 
  • The park finds place for some wild edible plant species, fruits, plants of medicinal and commercial importance, having cultural, religious, and historical significance. 
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