National Forensic Sciences University Bill 2020

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Parliament has passed the National Forensic Sciences University Bill 2020 with the Rajya Sabha clearing it. The Lok Sabha has already approved the Bill.


Establishment of the University:  

  • The Bill establishes the Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar (established under the Gujarat Forensic Sciences University Act, 2008) and the Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Sciences, New Delhi, as a University called the National Forensic Sciences University at Gujarat.  
  • The Bill declares the University to be an institution of national importance.  
  • The Bill also repeals the 2008 Act.  The campuses of the University will include the campuses of the two universities. 

Objectives and functions of the University:  

  • The objectives of the University include: (i) promoting academic learning in the field of forensic science in conjunction with applied behavioural science studies, law and other allied areas to strengthen the criminal justice institutions in India, (ii) fostering research and applied applications in forensic science, applied behavioural science studies, and law, (iii) coordinating with the central and state governments to improve investigations, crime detection and prevention through research, and (iv) assisting the central government in creating and maintaining a national forensic database for criminal investigation, including DNA and fingerprints.

Functions of the University include: 

  • (i) providing training and research on forensic science, applied behavioural science, law, and criminology, 
  • (ii) establishing and maintaining colleges, schools, and research laboratories, and 
  • (iii) prescribing courses, holding exams, and granting degrees and other distinctions.
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