National Commission for Minorities

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  • Sardar Iqbal Singh Lalpura takes charge as the Chairman, National Commission for Minorities. 

National Commission for Minorities

  • Statutory body  (National Commission for Minorities Act 1992)
  • Objective: Development of the recognized minorities in India.
  • Ministry: Ministry of Minorities.
  • Note: Linguistic Minorities do not come under the National Commission for Minorities’ Jurisdiction. 

There are 6 religious communities that are notified as minority communities in India which comes under the purview of NCM. They are :

  1. Muslims
  2. Christians
  3. Sikhs
  4. Buddhists
  5. Zoroastrians/Parsis
  6. Jains (Notified as a minority on 27th June 2014.)


  1. Evaluation of the progress in the development of minorities under both central and state governments.
  2. Monitoring whether the laws enacted for the welfare of minorities by central and state governments are enforced and working on the ground.
  3. Making recommendations related to protective safeguards for the minorities.
  4. Looking into complaints regarding deprivation of minority rights and safeguards and making necessary instructions for the government to follow.
  5. Initiating studies and research related to minorities issues arising from discrimination and socio-economic and educational development of minorities.
  6. Presenting reports related to minorities issues to the central government for better insights.

Composition of NCM | National Minorities Commission

It has seven members:

  1. A chairperson
  2. A vice-chairperson
  3. 5 members
  • The members shall be from minority communities.
  • Nominated by the Central Government 
  • They should be persons of eminence, ability and integrity.
  • Tenure: Each Member can hold the office for 3 years from the date of assumption of office.
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