National Butterfly

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A citizen campaign to drum up support for identifying a national butterfly has gained momentum with close to half a lakh people joining the movement from across the country. The National Butterfly Campaign has revived focus on the relevance of the charming, scaly winged insects in enhancing biodiversity.



  • India is yet to designate a national butterfly despite being home to over 1,300 species belonging to six butterfly families. Several countries, including Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and Bhutan, have national butterflies.
  • As part of identifying butterfly species that could make it to the coveted status, the National Butterfly Campaign Consortium prepared a long-list of 50 butterflies that was further trimmed to seven.


Key contenders 

  • Krishna Peacock ( Papilio krishna), Indian Jezebel or Common Jezebel ( Delias eucharis), Orange Oakleaf ( Kallima inachus), Five-bar Swordtail ( Graphium antiphates), Indian Nawab, Yellow Gorgon and Northern Junglequeen ( Stichophthalma camadeva) are the contenders for the premier position.
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