National Beekeeping and Honey Mission (NBHM) 

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The Union Minister of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, has said the Government is promoting Beekeeping as part of its aim to double farmers’ income.  

  • Addressing a webinar organised by the National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC), Shri Tomar said the Government has allocated Rs.500 crore towards Beekeeping under the Atma Nirbhar Abhiyan.  
  • He said India is among the world’s top five honey producers. Compared to 2005-06 honey production has risen by 242% and exports shot by 265%. 
  • As evident by the rising honey exports, beekeeping will be an important factor in achieving the goal of doubling farmers’ income by 2024.  
  • He said the National Bee Board has created four modules to impart training as part of the National Beekeeping and Honey Mission (NBHM) and 30 lakh farmers have been trained in beekeeping.  
  • They are also being financially supported by the Government. 

National Beekeeping and Honey Mission (NBHM) 

  • Government has set up the National Beekeeping Honey Mission to overcome the crisis in the field and enhance the beekeeping industry in India. 
  • Central sector scheme under Ministry of agriculture and farmers welfare. 

Objective of the Mission 

  • Constructing a wealthy land with feasible natural environment and economy that will help the beekeepers to be independent. 
  • Implementing harmless apiculture technologies 
  • Grabbing the global market’s attention and competing them in beekeeping and honey production. 
  • Sketching a long-term plan for fostering and development of honey. 
  • Improving the cultivation of food products through cross-pollination. 
  • Conducting programs and regulations to accomplish the economic, social and environmental objectives through Beekeeping and Honey enterprise. 
  • To calendar, the handy ideas of do’s and don’ts in beekeeping. 
  • Encouraging scientific beekeeping management practices by incorporating awareness and training to enhance the beekeeper’s skill and knowledge. 
  • Encouraging people informing the production regions in every part of the state. 
  • Collaborating with the Government to implement the scientific methods by regulating the policies. 
  • Driving a robust and efficient organisation through planning, communication and action. 
  • Studying and developing protocols of best practices on all the features of beekeeping. 
  • Strengthening the market for beekeeping products across National and International borders. 
  • To propose and conduct interactive honeybee exhibits at local fairs. 
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