Monsoon will arrive on June 5, says IMD 

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  • The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecast a delay in the arrival of the monsoon over Kerala while Skymet, a private forecaster, expects it to arrive earlier.  
  • The time of the monsoon’s arrival in Kerala does not influence its overall progress, distribution or quantum of rain over the ensuing monsoon months of June-September. 

Cyclone impact 

  • The discrepancy appears largely on the agencies’ interpretation of the influence of a developing cyclone in the Bay of Bengal as well as the prevailing summer temperatures in north India. 
  • This storm, which is a normal feature during May, is likely to burgeon into a cyclone by the weekend, and aid the advent of the monsoon into the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.  
  • The monsoon typically takes 10-11 days to reach the Kerala coast.  
  • The cyclone will not hamper this routine progress and that the early onset of monsoon in the A&N Islands will therefore bring the monsoon early over Kerala. 
  • Below-normal summer temperatures in north India and prevailing rainfall from Western Disturbances (WD) will delay the monsoon’s further progress to Kerala.  
  • WD are rainbearing systems that originate in the Mediterranean regions and bring rain to north India. 
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