Mission Karmayogi - National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building (NPCSCB)

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The Union Cabinet has approved Mission Karmayogi, the national programme for civil services capacity building. This scheme is based on the government’s vision of how a civil servant should be, and this is the biggest Human Resources Development reform in the government.



  • This programme will lay the foundation for capacity building for civil servants so that they remained entrenched in Indian culture, while they learn from best practices across the world.

Aim & Objective

  • Mission Karmayogi aims to prepare Indian civil servants for the future by making them more creative, constructive, imaginative, proactive, innovative, progressive, professional, energetic, transparent and technology-enabled.
  • The mission will focus on individual (civil servants) & institutional capacity building.
  • Comprehensive reform of the capacity building apparatus at the individual, institutional and process levels for efficient public service delivery.

The institutional framework of NPCSCB

  • Prime Minister's Public Human Resources (HR) Council,
  • Capacity Building Commission.
  • Special Purpose Vehicle for owning and operating the digital assets and the technological platform for online training,
  • Coordination Unit headed by the Cabinet Secretary.


Key Points

  • Proper institutional framework- The institutional framework will consist of Prime Minister’s Public Human Resources (HR) Council, Capacity Building Commission, Special Purpose Vehicle for owning and operating the digital assets and the technological platform for online training, and Coordination Unit headed by the Cabinet Secretary.
  • Capacity Building Commission- Capacity Building Commission will be set up which will harmonise training standards, create shared faculty & resources & will have a supervisory role over all training institutions so that there’s a common understanding of India’s aspirations & development goals.
  • PM led HR Council – A council headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will help approve civil services capacity building plans under Mission Karmayogi.
  • The council consist of national & international experts under the chairmanship of Prime Minister.
  • Establishment of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)- A wholly owned Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) will be set up. The SPV will create and operationalize the content, market place and manage key business services of the iGOT-Karmayogi platform.



  • Mission Karmayogi is an endeavour to reincarnate a government servant into an ideal karma yogi to serve the nation. It will provide a mechanism for continuous capacity building & constant updating of the talent pool.
  • The programme will also help in making the civil servants more professional, progressive, energetic, inculcating right attitude, technology-enabled which is aligned to the vision of a “New India”
  • This shall help in ending the culture of working in silos and to overcome the multiplicity of training curriculum which we have because of institutions spread all over the country.



  • To serve the need of the hour and the nation adequately, National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building will bring a shift in the human resource management from ‘rules-based’ to a ‘rules-based’ approach.
  • This shall put great emphasis on the role of ‘on-site learning’ while complementing the ‘off-site learning’ methodology. Linking training and development of competencies of civil servants will be targetted through Mission Karmayogi.
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